What to do in Palawan

Welcome to Palawan Explore!

If you are looking for an authentic travel experience, in a place not yet invaded by mass tourism, you are in the right place!

We are a tour operator specializing in unconventional and exclusive tours of Palawan  for discerning travelers.

Moreover, we can also provide cozy accommodations and great Italian food in our panoramic restaurant.

Wondering what to do in Palawan? We are here to give you the right advice 🙂

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Our philosophy

– Our philosophy:  

The impulse to leave, to pursue a dream, but also to understand and shape a lifestyle which is closer to our true essence” and the essence of traveling is exploration.

If you follow the tourists then you will bring home a couple of beautiful pictures, but if you explore, dive into local life, learn and touch and taste … then you will bring home an experience.

We are an experienced travel agency, so let us help you to organize your travel experience in Palawan 🙂 


– Palawan:

The island of Palawan, repeatedly named “the most beautiful island in the world“, is the object, from the Philippine government, of studies and funding for its tourism promotion, but always with great attention to the study of eco-forms tourism that allows the development of the sector and at the same time ensure the respect and the enhancement of the environment.

We want to insert our “Palawan Explore” project from this perspective.
Our core business is in accommodating travelers and organizing tours, but with a base of respect and increased involvement in safeguarding the environment. 

We have a dream and a vision that guides us. It is not just business, it is a model of life, in which we firmly believe and intend to put into practice in this corner of earthly paradise.

Our Services

– Palawan Explore Services:

PALAWAN TOURS–  We can organize private boat tours in order to enjoy spectacular islands, as well as land tours and package tours.

HOMESTAY TOURISM– A new way to travel: visitors will stay in the local families’ homes, in order to experience their culture and their daily life.  We will organize everything (transportation, booking, and so on) and let you just live the experience!

MARINA TERRACE – The first authentic Italian Restaurant in San Vicente, placed on the tallest building in town, with a breathtaking view

MARINA 4ROOMS” – Your cozy hotel in San Vicente Palawan: 4 rooms on the first floor of a renovated building in the heart of Poblacion, close to the new San Vicente Airport

Accommodation facilities:  we can offer various solutions for your stay in Palawan: hostels, resorts, and b&b

If none of our facilities meets your needs (or if we are fully booked) we can help you to find accommodation nearby.

For information and reservations: info@palawanexplore.com

Palawan Explore is the butler of your trip to this wonderful island!

Who we are

Who we are:

We are a group of friends (Filipinos and Europeans) united by a great passion: we love to explore. And we like to share what we love!

Our ultimate goal is to share our knowledge of the local area and Pilipino culture with those who have the same passion for travel and discovery.

And since some of us come from Italy, we wanted to add a touch of Italian culture to our proposal, which means that at the end of your exploration day, you can enjoy real Italian food cooked for you by an Italian chef 🙂

Marina Terrace staff
Marina Terrace bar