5 MOST ICONIC Spots You MUST SEE in Coron, Philippines

5 MOST ICONIC Spots You MUST SEE in Coron, Philippines

Good morning, it is just before 7:00 a.m. here in Coron an... ▼

Good morning, it is just before 7:00 a.m. here in Coron and I'm heading down into town to grab a private boat to go explore Coron Island at some of the lakes. I booked a boat yesterday from the main public area where you go down and you negotiate prices and there's the old market right there and so I'm gonna go down pick that boat up because I've been told that there is a ton of tour groups that run out to these islands that run out to these lakes and these beautiful locations, so I'm gonna try to beat the crowds and get out there and get a few views for myself anyway we'll see what happens. Seven o'clock hopefully at 7:30 departure let's go explore Coron Coron pnes right up there with El Nido as the most popular destination in Palawan, the absolute paradise of a province on the western side of the Philippines, after a five-day trip with Tao I only had 48 hours to explore the area and I took up half of that time yesterday diving the Japanese warships of world war II. So today I set out to experience some of the most iconic attractions just offshore very interesting set up her own town as a whole of the town here but then sitting out on this giant dirt looks like a parking lot it's the Old Market and that's where we need to come to get to all the food for the bow. If you get a private boat you gotta go over to the market and get all your food that you want before you get on that on the boat for the expedition, if you're in a group tour they provide all the lunches at most places for you, so in order to go on a private boat I'm gonna go over here grab some vegetables, I think and just a few little things few little snacks for the expedition

As far as boat tours going Coron there's a ton of different operators and you can negotiate price right here at the market where the captains start each morning, you can jump on a group tour starting at about 20 bucks which usually includes food and snorkel gear, but I decided to rent a private boat for the day to take my time and go where I wanted, for this option a negotiated price of about fifty US dollars, okay and that is the public market, so I got some groceries ready to head out to the boat and we're gonna head out into the waters that was a cool experience though it is bustling this morning all of the different tour operators are going to get their local fish their veg all the stuff they need for their trips, you just cruise around and grab whatever you want pretty nice, I just waiting on Coast Guard now are you gonna with step by Coast Guard then you can go right these are all the boys weigh in waiting to get their boats certified you go to go out of the sea.

Thank you, our first goal for the day is to visit what's said to be the cleanest and clearest lake in all of Asia, a bold statement to say the least that I had to come see for myself

Wow this is beautiful! I'm not the first one here but definitely beat the groups and it is absolutely stunning unbelievable vibrant gatorade green you can see right down to the bottom jagged cliffs behind just a few people out here snorkeling hanging out on the dock, this is incredible! This is one of those one of those items that when you see it firsthand it is a gold complete, it's a dream come true and this absolutely lives up to the hype and I'm here early enough to enjoy it relatively by myself, amazing!

9:30 and place is packed absolutely packed panic kills a little bit of the allure still beautiful these little needle fish or pencil fish swimming around everywhere a lot of still beautiful there's just a ton of orange jackets or am a lot

The next stop on our voyage is to another famous spot called the Twin Lagoons, two absolutely breathtaking shell of saltwater lagoons that are connected by an underwater channel and narrow rock pathway and this is Twin Lagoons you see one side over there, one side over here, absolutely incredible and if you're lucky when everybody goes off to lunch you get the place relatively to yourself, there's not huge tour groups and it is beautiful.

One of the best aspects of choosing the private tour is that when you get hungry you can just stop whenever and wherever, my boat captain recommended a quiet little place away from the groups and we just pulled over to eat all right just stop that up why I'm Beach for lunch and this is a quiet little spot, it looks like there's a ton of different beaches along the way outside the lagoons you go past Beach 91, Smith Beach and a few other small little beaches and this is called a lion Beach and there isn't many boats here it's a pretty calm cool a bunch of locals sitting under the shade, okay chop up some vegetables and have some lunch

We chopped up some of the vegetables I got from the market that morning, steamed them quick on the onboard stovetop, grab a fresh coconut from a little vendor on the beach, and that's lunch!

Delicious meal just here at the beach so I'm gonna untie and make one more stop: Barracuda Lake, if there's not a ton of people the lunch hour is the best time to visit some of these places with the guys were saying but now we're gonna go check it out Barracuda Lake, one more stop on this little expedition.

Barracuda Lake I'm told is normally the least crowded of the three stops, most groups skip this spot because to experience its true uniqueness you really need to scuba dive, it's actually a brackish Lake, which means it's a mix of salt and fresh water, I'm told that until you reach about 14 meters down it's a cool clear freshwater and then after that it turns into a warm saltwater. Unfortunately I was pressed for time so I just explored the incredible underwater rock formations and met the little creatures who call this Lake home, but despite the name I didn't spot any barracudas no barracudas to be seen yet but I mean beautiful Lake! beautiful stones, very nice!

Just made it back in a Coron Town. That was a beautiful day, absolutely beautiful! Now I am back just in time to try to hike up to the peak to watch sunset back on dry land I rush up the 700-plus steps to mountaintop, yes for sunset and to get a nice view of town from above, try to make it up to the Coron sign in time, there's a huge crowd, tons of vans just coming off the bola try to make it up that's all any closer our campus well, Oh fair ... I mean plugging a sprint I mean it, it's a Christ statue - one pick on milky obstacle

After this beautiful sunset it's time to go one more stop for the day. I'm a little sweaty tastes like salt but one more stop something relaxing: we're gonna go to the hot springs

They lock me in just in time so it was close they let me in people party in here but Maquinit is one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world, it's a 30-minute tricycle ride from the town proper of Coron, along a rough and curvy road, it's said that the water gets heated by a volcano and springs up into the two tier fool all surrounded by a cool wooded area dotted with picnic tables and some relaxing mood lighting, the water is pretty hot so coming at night when it's a little cooler outside was a good choice, I'm just glad I was able to sneak in last minute and it was a great spot to finish a perfect day here in Coron!

All right, that is it from my long day, amazing day here in Coron, got to see some of the lagoons got to do some swimming I see a sunset, it's beautiful and finish it all off the hot spring, don't ask for a better day so I hope you guys liked the video

I feel weird because it's a beautiful lake there's a ton of people there and I love the innocence and especially the Filipino travelers who are just so happy they're just kicking around in their orange jump jumpsuits jump vests swim vest safety vest and I appreciate the innocence I am definitely tainted and I want things all to myself I want seclusion I want the unknown and sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate something for what it is Hopefully it doesn't have any long lasting damage on the environment and all those other things but just appreciate the moment so sometimes it's difficult I got to remind myself

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