Our services

– Our services:

Boat Line 1– Our basic service is a regular boat transport linking San Vicente (a few miles from the new airport) to Port Barton, and vice-versa.

Islands tour –  We can also organize private boat tours in order to visit spectacular semi-unknown islands, patches of pristine paradise, where the only people you will meet will be local fishermen!

Explorer bus – Finally we are proud to offer you the first (and at the moment the only one) private jeepney tour in Palawan! This is the true heart of our concept of exploration: you will have the opportunity to discover remote villages where you can meet real local people, and get in touch with the true Filipino culture, cross forests, admire waterfalls and rest on deserted beaches.

Marina Terrace – The first real Italian Restaurant in San Vicente!

Accommodation facilities:

We can offer you various solutions for your stay in Palawan: hostels, resorts, and b&b.

If none of our facilities meets your needs (or if we are fully booked) we can even help you to find an accommodation nearby.