Palawan boat tours

Palawan boat tours: sailing to some of the magnificent islands off Palawan, discovering secluded beaches, unspoiled nature and fishing villages where time has stopped.

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  • Boayan Boat TourBoayan is an almost unexplored island about twenty minutes far from San Vicente – We will take you to see: “Twin Beaches” (a strip of land with two adjacent beaches) + “Polo Beach” (a small bay surrounded by palm trees and mangrove where to break away from the world)+ “Dablac” (a fishing village, out of time, an oasis of peace and serenity) – [breakfast, lunch, 1 drink and snorkelling equipment, included]
  • Tropical 3: “Turtle Island” (white beach, clear water and of course turtles!) + “German Island” + “White Island” – [breakfast, lunch, 1 drink and snorkelling equipment, included]
  • Port Barton: renowned destination but worth visiting!

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  • Dive
  • Classic

Palawan boat tours


Thanks to these travel packages, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in touch with the real local life, eat with the locals, talk to them (almost all Filipinos speak English), adapt to their rhythm of life, in order to let your body and your spirit to free from the stress of everyday life.
You can sleep in their homes and enjoy their warm hospitality.
In short, not just a beautiful beach, but a life experience to remember.

  • 2 nights: “Dablac” + “Floating house”
  • 3 nights: “Dablac” + “Floating house” + “Catalat”
  • 5 nights: “Dablac” + “Floating house” + “Catalat” + “Gawid”

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Customized tours on request.

Groups of up to 8 people

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Palawan boat tours