San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente is the perfect destination for the traveler looking for a Palawan off the beaten track.

San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente is a First Class municipality, located in the north-western side of the main island of Palawan.

It consists of 10 baranggays (districts), of which Poblacion is the capital.

San Vicente

The introduction of the San Vicente Flagship TEZ (Tourism Enterprise Zone) was initiated with the marking of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the TIEZA and the nearby government unit (LGU) of San Vicente in 2013 – an advance of the neighborhood organization to uphold association and set the course into sustainable tourism improvement. 

The previous underdevelopment has preserved this part of Palawan with tourism in San Vicente being traditionally low compared to the rest of the island.

This allowed the San Vicente area to remain authentic and genuine. So far away from the effects of excessive and uncontrolled tourism that can be seen in destinations like El Nido.

Aware of the mistakes made previously in areas such as Boracay and El Nido, where the effects of uncontrolled tourism have been devastating, the Philippine government has set new rules and guidelines that will be applied in San Vicente, in order to preserve the territory and the its culture, and promote eco-sustainable tourism.

San Vicente Bay

We, as Palawan Explore Agency, are following the directives of the local government (which in any case are in line with our personal ethical attitudes) and we are promoting tourist activities that are in compliance with the local culture, in order to allow our customers to come to contact with the inhabitants, in their everyday life, without harming them.

Furthermore San Vicente offers numerous unspoiled naturalistic locations, both islands and pristine beaches, and forests; besides being home of the longest beach in the Philippines (14 km!): Long Beach, still practically deserted today.

San Vicente Long Beach

San Vicente Palawan: A Chance To Get Tourism Right!

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